Joanna Trzeciak is an intelligent pianist and has the necessary qualities to become a concert artist of international renown. These qualities are: impeccable taste and a natural and authentic musicality. The technique she possesses allows her to perform a wide range of repertoire.

I have to emphasize that she shows a clear predisposition towards performing the music of Slavic composers: Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev etc.

And one more quality important for contemporary artists – she’s got a well developed sense of self-criticism. This proves that the artist takes her profession seriously and makes for a brilliant career. (Lev Vlasenko)


An artist with class, possessing a brilliant technique allowing for nuances of expression, with great attack control and refined pedal usage, creating an atmosphere full of delicate and changing colours… (“Messagero Veneto”)


The pianist communicates Chopin’s pure and fascinating intention in an impressive manner. Most of all, she possesses a precise, flowing sound which is alive, and that is the greatest charm of her playing. One should also take note of the phrasing, having great elasticity of expression and a very valuable rubato - refined and natural at the same time.

(“CD Classica”)


Her recital (Hummel) contains purely virtuosic pieces (Rondo, Polonaise) but also sophisticated compositions, restrained and poetic which her playing valorises in an exemplary manner.

In “Variations sur un theme du Gluck” the Polish pianist communicates rhythmic agility and depth of feeling giving the listener the sensation of communing with music worthy of the great Mozart concertos… (“Diapason”)


Joanna Trzeciak possesses dazzling technique, impressive taste and plays in a way that leads one to consider her one of the best interpreters of Chopin. It is vigour (brio), class and grace in pure form…. (“La Dérnière Heure”)


J. Trzeciak possesses an energy which allows her to communicate most diabolical of qualities. At the same time, she respects the rhythmic coherence and elegance of phrasing, and measures out a variety of sound contrast (her velvet pianissimos are of staggering beauty).  The pianist colours her repertoire with delicacy and endless lyricism, drawn from her excellent knowledge of the works of her compatriot – Chopin.  (“La libre Belgique”)


It is rare to hear a sound as rich as the one bursting from the piano when played by Joanna Trzeciak. Coming from the land of Chopin, she gave a recital of vivid sensitivity and extreme precision at the Assembly Hall...



In the monumental “Wanderer” Fantasy, the beautifully carried narration, romantic expression, and the beauty of phrasing and sound were the source of true satisfaction (“Gazeta Wyborcza”)


F. Mendelssohn’s First Piano Concerto, played by Joanna Trzeciak, was fascinating. With a visibly high level of concentration, she not only played the piece with precision, but also created an interpretation that accurately conveyed the nuance-filled and open world of Mendelssohn’s music (“Badische Neueste Nachrichten”) 


…..I thought this woman has no blood in her veins but only music and I envied her the closeness to the music she played. She made the music her own, she was offering herself. (“Bellapais Journal, North Cyprus”)